"We are joining Mountbatten in Walking the Wight Your Way

It's been 12 years since Henry lost his other dad - Jeremy Price. We all still talk about him loads and Jemima regards him as a member of our family. Jeremy was an especially thoughtful, kind and very funny person. He had so many friends, lots of them were going to join us for Walk the Wight this year. We want to keep remembering him and raise money for the place that looked after him so impeccably. We can't all be together but we are going to do our best to raise what we can. This year the Hospice needs us more than ever. Jeremy would do anything to help people and if he was still here would definitely want everyone to take part however they could, he loved an excuse for a social! 

Henry plans to run 100 miles before the end of May and is already doing well with his target! 

Jemima will definitely doing it her way! It will be a combination of walking, cycling and scooting - she plans to go further than the usual 'schools walk'

Please help us to reach our target, thank you! Henry and Jemima."