Rosie Milnes, 77, from East Cowes, was perfectly well until sudden and acute pain meant she was admitted to hospital where she was diagnosed with cancer of the spine and breast.

Over four months on, and Rosie hasn’t been home since. She spent five weeks at St Mary’s before Mountbatten became involved with her care and transferred her to the inpatient unit, where she has stayed for the last 12 weeks.

“The care here has been wonderful,” Rosie said. “I was anxious at first, but It’s like a five-star hotel here, and everyone is lovely, just lovely.”

“The volunteers cheer me up every day; they are so happy and caring. I know all their names. They all like me because I am cheeky!”

The inpatient unit team have been doing their utmost to get Rosie home, but because of her care needs and those of her husband, Rosie has had to stay at Mountbatten longer than expected.

“My husband has dementia, COPD, has had two heart attacks, and is a diabetic; he also has a stoma bag because of cancer treatment. Getting care provisions for both of us has been difficult.

“Mountbatten has been making all the calls to social services and the council to sort things out, and I am so grateful.

“I am desperate to get home to my husband. I miss him so much; he is my best friend.”

Knowing how difficult it is for Rosie to be away from home, the team arranged a special trip and called upon Derek, a volunteer driver, to help make it happen.

“We went to Shanklin seafront for ice cream,” smiled Rosie. “I was so excited to see the sea and smell the sea air.”

“A nurse came with us, and Derek pushed me in my wheelchair along the seafront. He even offered to get me down to the water to dip my toes in, but I said, ‘No, thank you!’ the sea is far too cold for me!”

“It was a lovely day, and it really lifted my spirits. It has been hard to be away from home, but all the volunteers and all the nurses have cared for me so well, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Your generosity means we can make special moments like this happen as well as provide the expert care and support to people like Rosie. Thank you.

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