This year so many people have been coming up with inventive ways to Walk the Wight their way – how about a bit of mountain climbing? Kirsty Gobby got in contact to tell us that her family has been climbing the height of Ben Nevis complete with a snowball fight at the top. Without even leaving the house!

“We (me and my daughters, 14 and 10) climbed 587 times up the stairs each in five days.

It started with a conversation about wanting to climb a mountain which at the moment we can't do, but one day would like the real challenge. Then asked the children if we should raise some money and they both said for the Hospice, mainly because we won't be doing Walk the Wight in the usual way this year. We didn't take it on with one specific person in our memories but we know of people that have received care at the hospice and understand that family/friends may need it one day.”