Do you know someone who could benefit from Mountbatten's new scheme? It pairs up people living with a long term or terminal illness over the age of 65 with a Mountbatten Neighbour who can offer kindness and support to reconnect them with their community.

Those volunteering for the new pilot project are fully trained and supported by Mountbatten, and are already helping people living in the areas of Ryde, Newport, Shanklin, Ventnor, Freshwater and East Cowes. The support they offer ranges from just popping in for a chat and a cup of tea, to going out, perhaps for a drive or a walk.

Among those already being supported are Charles Ryan, of Cowes, and Arthur Moore, of Shanklin.

Charles' Mountbatten Neighbour visits once a week. He said: "I look forward to it, a couple of hours of not being so bored because I do sit around a lot indoors. Even if it's just a ride out in the car, the mere fact I've got company breaks up the monotony."

Arthur is looking forward to regular visits from his new Mountbatten Neighbour. He said: "I enjoy meeting people, and she's going to take me for walks! I'm looked after very well, but it's a bit of a tie.It means my wife can go out and go shopping!" he said.

Meet some of our Mountbatten Neighbours

One of the main features of the Mountbatten Neighbours' scheme is that the person who is volunteering gets as much from it as the person being supported. Here are just some of our inspirational Mountbatten Neighbours:

Caroline Hales, from Ryde

I want to have a positive impact on peoples' lives, to provide support as a 'friend' and hopefully reintegrate isolated individuals.

Violet Tate, from Lake

I hope to be able to help others cope when they are going through a difficult time in their lives; I know that supporting others can be very rewarding.

Carol Brownlee, from Shanklin

We never know when we, ourselves, will need someone and this will give me great satisfaction just to know that I can help in some way.

Jacqui Gutteridge, from Ryde

I want to feel I've made someone's time in their final journey as happy as it can be. I wish there was this offer when my dad was here, as I hated him having no-one outside of his family to talk to.

Charlotte Wright, from Freshwater

I want to make people realise they are not alone and there is always someone who can be an ear to listen. If I can make a difference for one person, I'm happy!