Our focus is on the best quality of life for the people we support and you will be cared for by our expert team of Mountbatten Nurses, doctors, and Healthcare Assistants. Other people you might meet on our ward include our fully trained volunteers, pharmacist, physiotherapist, or Spiritual Care lead. The whole team works together to help to alleviate your physical, emotional, social or spiritual needs. 

You could be admitted onto our ward for a number of reasons

  • You might need round-the-clock care from our specialist team who can ease and control symptoms such as pain and sickness
  • You might need physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy to achieve goals important to you before being discharged home
  • Our team can also offer you reassurance, information and advice to help calm any fears or worries you may have

The team works closely with each person and their family members to create a unique care plan and will support you when returning home.

Leaving the ward

The ward is not a long term unit. Our multi-professional team will work with you and your family to reach the point where your symptoms and needs can be managed at home. You may recieve help from the Mountbatten at Home team

If this is not possible, or you need additional support, we will discuss alternative options with you and your family.