Have you experienced a significant bereavement? Could you help a research study into how people respond to grief?
Vicki Russ is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Southampton. Her doctoral research study aims to explore how people respond psychologically to grief, and what factors may influence coping styles.
Vicki said: "The aim of the study is to explore dissociative experiences following a bereavement, i.e. feelings of disconnection from the world and yourself. We are interested to know how common these feelings are, and how they relate to early histories and grief experiences."
Those participating in Vicki's study will be helping to understand psychological responses to grief and consider how to support people who have experienced bereavement in the future. 
Anyone taking part is asked to answer a number of questions relating to their bereavement, their past and current feelings and their relationships. It is estimated that the survey will take around 30 minutes to complete.
Those entering can opt to be entered in to a prize draw to win either a £20 donation to their chosen charity, or an Amazon voucher of the same value.
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