Nigel Hartley, Mountbatten CEO, has said a heartfelt thank you to the Island’s community for the ‘incredible’ response to our urgent appeal.

Launched to compensate for the loss of regular fundraising income and shop closures, Mountbatten’s Urgent Coronavirus Appeal has raised around £600,000.

Alongside money from the government, as part of the £220 million fund to support UK hospices, Mountbatten stands to meet its £1 million shortfall for the first three months.

“We are all incredibly humbled by the response from our Island community,” said Nigel.

“We were all concerned about how we were going to move forward when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“Thankfully, the first quarter is secure and we owe that to the extraordinary relationship we have with our Island community, so thank you wholeheartedly to everyone.”

The money from the appeal has helped Mountbatten to continue supporting people in their own homes, in care homes, in the hospital and in the hospice.

Mountbatten’s telephone helpline has been extended so patients can call for expert clinical advice and support, while anyone feeling anxious or alone on the Island can call anytime if they need help or just to hear a friendly voice.

Many personal touches, such as responding to people’s last wishes, have still been possible, despite coronavirus.

Healthy stocks of PPE have also been stored to ensure Mountbatten staff are protected, as they have increasingly supported people coming to the end of life with coronavirus at home and in care homes.

With Mountbatten’s shops also starting to reopen, it is hoped the charity’s usual income streams will start improving.

However, Nigel has warned there are more tough times ahead for Mountbatten.

“We are not out of the woods yet, and while things are starting to relax a little, it’s clear it will take us some months to get back to some kind of normal, however that may look, particularly with our shops and fundraising events.

"We anticipate we could still lose £1 million each quarter if we are not able to get back on track quickly.

“Please keep supporting us and keep donating what you can. Every penny matters at a moment like this.

"We also need to continue to think together of new and creative ways to support Mountbatten, so we can continue to do all we can to support the growing need for what we do on the Island. 

"Over the last two years, the number of people accessing our expert services has grown by over 200% and this is set to continue.

"A future with a diminished Mountbatten, let alone a future without Mountbatten at all, is not something any of us wish to contemplate.

“We are extremely grateful and humbled by all that you continue to do. Thank you for continuing to believe in us."

To find out more, visit Urgent Coronavirus Appeal