As part of its commitment to encourage people to be more at ease with death, dying and bereavement, Mountbatten is again supporting Dying Matters awareness week with the launch of a new podcast (13 to 19 May 2019). 

Each year, the national campaign challenges us to take charge of our futures and face up to death and bereavement. In 2019, the question “are we ready?” is being asked.

Nigel Hartley, Mountbatten Chief Executive, said: “It’s a fact that 100% of people on the Isle of Wight will die. Yet so very few of us ever prepare for, or even talk about, death or dying. However, there is evidence that people who have the confidence to talk openly about death and dying often have a better experience when the time comes. Certainly, their friends and families are more prepared and can help ensure their loved ones’ wishes and preferences are met, as best as possible.”

To highlight this year’s awareness week, a series of short podcasts has been recorded featuring a thought for each day of the campaign about hospice care, planning ahead and the need to talk about death and dying. In each clip, Nigel Hartley shares some of his experiences of working for 30 years in the hospice sector and explains why it’s important that people prepare for the end of life.

The podcasts will be shared on Mountbatten's Facebook and Twitter accounts @MountbattenIW, and can be listened to by clicking the play buttons on below:

Mountbatten Advance Care Plan

Click here to start your plan

Additionally, Mountbatten is using the week to raise further awareness the Mountbatten Advance Care Plan, a document which records your wishes and preferences for the care you would wish to receive if you suddenly became very unwell or had a serious accident and could no longer speak for yourself. 

Advance care planning can be done whether you are in good health or not. Jane Garner, Mountbatten’s Advance Care Plan facilitator said: “Although planning is a normal part of life, planning ahead for illness, dying and death might seem a very difficult topic to think about.  You may find other people are resistant to the idea, feeling it is not the right time, too upsetting or ‘morbid’. 

“However, planning ahead in this way can be very positive and empowering; an Advance Care Plan can help to ensure that you continue to have an influence over decisions that may need to be made about your care and treatment, even if you cannot speak up for yourself.  Additionally, your family or carers will be spared from having to guess what you would have wanted and can speak up with confidence on your behalf,” she added.

The Mountbatten Advance Care Plan can be downloaded from Mountbatten’s website or a copy can be picked up from Mountbatten Hospice or Mountbatten’s ten shops around the Isle of Wight.