What do you want to achieve before you die? That is the question asked by Mountbatten as it encourages everyone to think about and share their personal aspirations.

Mountbatten's Before I die... cube

Mountbatten's 'Before I die....' cube has been a feature at many events across the Isle of Wight and is aimed at helping people to start the conversation about death and dying by asking them to reflect on what they still want to achieve in life.

Encouraging people to be more at ease with talking about death, dying and bereavement is central to Mountbatten's work. We know that these can be difficult topics to talk about, but our Cube has been a great way to enable anyone, of any age, to reflect on death and life, sharing their bucket list wishes. 

Some people choose to write poignant thoughts about family; others may think about exotic holiday plans; some write funny or modest wishes, such as to bake the perfect cake!

Simple conversations such as these can lead on to more challenging topics, including planning ahead in case we become very ill, a process known as Advance Care Planning.

If you see the cube out and about across the Isle of Wight, please feel free to participate!

  • Pick up a pen and write something on the cube. 
  • Take an Advance Care Planning booklet and complete it at your leisure, involving friends and family as appropriate.

You can also download an Advance Care Planning booklet.