At Mountbatten, we make every moment count for the people we look after and the people who work with us.

We spent a few moments with Paul Rodrigues, People Services Partner, to find out more about his past, his role here, the Mountbatten culture of trust and valuing everyone, the positive environment, the development opportunities, and the difference we make together.

Tell us about your career journey so far, and what brought you to Mountbatten.

I’ve always enjoyed being able to help people get the best out of their working life, while balancing the personal. I struggled with the corporate nature of the private sector. And sometimes it was difficult to get good results for people with a large focus on profit margins. I always wanted to get involved in charity work, and in the care sector I knew I’d feel like I'd contributed positively to the world. The role with Mountbatten came up and the organisation's values spoke to mine and presented the opportunity to progress in my career too.

Can you tell us about your role in more detail?

I work in HR and my job title is People Services Partner. I work in a small team that looks after our people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We take care of everything across the employee lifecycle, from day one, onboarding and induction, right through their time with us. Supporting with any challenges they may be experiencing to payroll and documentation and making sure communications are clear and timely, to if they retire or decide to move on and making sure every aspect is as smooth as possible.

How does your role make a difference to the people we support?

When we’re employing people, we make sure they have the mindset that they want to make a difference. The work our people do can be tough and my role is to make sure there is as much support as possible on hand when they need it. To set people up for success and give them the tools they need to do their job, feel happy and secure and to be able to balance work and life. If we can support people to be the best they can be, they are free to deliver the best care for the people Mountbatten support.

What makes Mountbatten different for you?

In a lot of cases when we are recruiting people, they will share the reason they want to work for Mountbatten is because they have been personally touched by someone’s end of life experience here. And they’re always positive.

The team are phenomenal. They go above and beyond every day to give a person what they need in that moment, whether it’s the little things like dropping everything to go to the shop because a person had a hankering for sweetcorn, which is something I saw recently, or delivering the best end of life care.

Everything is about doing what’s needed then, and nothing’s a problem. The importance of the work our people do cannot be underestimated. They support people and their and families at the most difficult point in their lives, they know what to do, and say when to say it. So, we make sure we offer as much support to them as possible and keep our door open so they know they can always reach out if things get too much. We have a fantastic leadership too. Everything is extremely open, we hold meetings which anyone can attend, no topic is off the table and every insight is listened to and respected.

What does the future hold?

I’d like to keep growing and developing in my role, and to keep the conversations going about how we can support our people in the best way. To keep exploring ways we can do things better.

How do you make every moment count?
Every interaction counts. We get one life so make it meaningful. And do something you love with people you love being with an in a place you love being. And help as many as you can as much as you can.

Thanks for spending a few moments reading this blog. If you’d like to work with people like Paul, please visit our current vacancies section and make the most of this moment.