We are committed to support you to maintain as much normality as possible during your stay. This includes enabling you to continue taking part in your normal routines and daily activities, should you choose to.

Preparing for your stay

Please bring in any items that will help you to carry on with your normal routines and activities

  • your day clothes and footwear
  • any items to help with movement and comfort (if you have specialised equipment, please discuss this with the team supporting you during your stay)
  • any nutrition supports
  • any current medicines, in their original packets and containers if possible
  • an up-to-date list of these medicines, for example, any repeat prescriptions

If you choose to bring in valuables, it's best to give them to a nurse for safekeeping and to sign a valuables form. Without this, we can't take responsibility for your items.

We don't have a cashpoint. The nearest one is at Fairlee Service Station, on Fairlee Road, about ¼ of a mile away. Alternatively, there are several in Newport town centre which is within walking distance.


Family and friends can visit on any day of the week and at any time. We provide a quiet room, as well as a family and friends room on the ward for your visitors – both of which have tea and coffee making facilities.

Children are always very welcome but must be supervised at all times. We have a children's outdoor play area, play boxes and games consoles in the quiet and family rooms. Your pet can also be brought in to visit you.