Trish Dove has been a healthcare assistant with the Mountbatten at Home team since 2016.

“It is a privilege to be allowed into someone’s home. People we support are so grateful you are there; it's not just the patient, but we also build a real rapport with family members.”

Although Trish was not medically trained before working with Mountbatten, she built a passion for caring from looking after her parents as they reached the end of their lives.

“I used to work in retail, but I gave it up to look after my parents. When they both died, I returned to shop work but soon realised I wanted more - I wanted to make a difference.

“Just being out and about in the community is great - no two days are the same.

"We are blessed with 24/7 support from our own experts through the Mountbatten Coordination Centre, as well as through team members and line managers. If you have the passion, want to care for and help others, Mountbatten can offer you a great career.”