Our team that cares for you in your own home is called the Mountbatten at Home team. Depending on your needs, you might see a number of people with different roles.

Our Mountbatten Nurses are usually the first people you will meet. They are experts in caring for people who are in the last years of their lives and can support you with the physical, emotional and practical aspects of your care. Usually, you will be allocated a Mountbatten Nurse but, from time to time, you may also see other members of the nursing team. You and your family will also get access to our 24/7 advice and support phone line. You can use this at any time to ask questions or seek reassurance about someone you are caring for, rather than needing to phone 111.

You may wish to have help having a wash, repositioning (if you are not able to do this by yourself) and help with continence issues. In this case, our Mountbatten Carers will support you with these personal needs.

If needed, a carer can come and sit with you overnight, or for 3-4 hours during the day giving your loved ones the opportunity to take a much-needed break.

In addition to care from our doctors and nurses, our team includes counsellors, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, spirtual care team, complementary and arts therapists. All are available to support you and your family with the challenges you may face.