"I have no previous experience of Walking the Wight. My body and feet were pushed to limits never experienced before and as you can imagine I was very tired at the end of the challenge. Remarkably I did not have one blister. Oh and I very proudly wore the t-shirt!!

The first few hours of my walk yesterday were amazing as the day came to life. All of this was without meeting another soul and it gave me a unique opportunity to not only remember those I was carrying with me but also those who are present users of this remarkable charitable service.

How easy it would have been just before then to focus more on my own aches and pains and forget the real reason for the challenge? I was humbled and grateful.

I was encouraged when I most needed it and helped further by listening to my favourite Zumba music to pick up the pace on the homeward straight.

My JustGiving has not reached the Captain Tom's levels, but I am now over £600.

I wish everyone else however they are notching up the miles great success, but mainly great fun in the process."