Check out our full 12-week training plan for advice on how to build up your distance ahead of the big day. 

* Steady. Try to keep a steady pace for the whole walk where you should still be able to
easily talk. 

Pick up the Pace. Try to do the set distance at a faster pace than previously.

Intervals. Try to walk at a fast pace for 1-2minutes, then slow things down to recover for 2-4
minutes before picking up the intensity again.

* Other. Try something other than walking, whether it be a run, a fitness class like dancing
or HIIT, or try taking up a sport.

* Rest Day. This can still include a gentle activity like yoga or Pilates. But do remember to
focus on your stretches.

Training Tips

Keep hydrated. It is essential to make sure you drink enough water before, during and after exercising. On long walks try to take a few mouthfuls every 1km.

Stretch. Stretching is vital for all exercise and walking. It’s a good idea to include gentle stretches before and after any activity.

Give yourself a break! This is just a guideline. If you miss a day, or a week, don’t give yourself a hard time. The important thing is to keep going and do what you can when you can. Some training is better than none at all!

Find a friend. Why not find someone to train with? It will help to keep you motivated and make the time pass quicker.