Shortly after a sudden and unexpected cancer diagnosis, Rosie, 77, from East Cowes, was admitted to Mountbatten’s inpatient unit, where she stayed for over 12 weeks.

During Volunteers’ Week 2023, she shared a message of thanks to the volunteers that supported her during her stay, and talked about how our team made a special trip to the seafront possible.

Rosie sadly died a few weeks later. Since then, her granddaughter Yvette has told us, in her own words, her experience of Mountbatten’s care for her family.

“My beautiful grandmother Rosie spent her last days in the care of the wonderful staff at Mountbatten.

After the initial shock diagnosis and short battle with cancer, they went above and beyond for my grandmother and the family, helping us deal with the diagnosis and supporting us through the tough weeks that came after. Rosie often told us that the staff and volunteers became like a second family. She knew everyone’s name and felt loved and cared for every second of the day.

After a 12 week stay at the hospice, Mountbatten helped make it possible for her to return home to her beloved husband. Unfortunately, she became too poorly to stay in the community and the inpatient unit team welcomed her back a week later with open arms.

Shortly after her second admission, she became extremely unwell. The staff at the hospice were amazing, making sure the family were notified quickly knowing we would have to travel from various counties on the mainland to be with her.

Rosie’s condition deteriorated day by day, and as a family, we took it in turns staying by her side throughout the day and overnight. The staff were brilliant at making sure we also felt cared for and supported, be that by sharing memories they themselves had made with Rosie, or wiping our tears away when those treasured memories became too much to bear.

Every single member of staff and volunteer popped in to see my grandmother in her last days, expressing their love for her and checking in on us at the difficult time we were experiencing.

Thanks to the hospice, and their love and care, my grandmother Rosie was able to die peacefully on a Thursday afternoon surrounded by her family, in no pain, with the sound of birds and the feel of the hot summer breeze on her cheeks.

As relieved as we were that she wasn’t suffering, it was a dreadful time for us, as it would be for anyone. However, once again the staff and volunteers at the hospice were incredible with their aftercare.

Rosie’s nine-year-old great-granddaughter was there when she died and the staff members comforted her as if she were their own. They gave her the support and advice she needed at that time and offered counsel from the bereavement councillors they have onsite. They catered to her every need, be that kind words, a warm hug or a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Once again, they went above and beyond.

Without the input of Mountbatten, the end of my grandmothers life could have looked extremely different. I and the rest of my family will be eternally grateful for their care, compassion and kindness that they show each day.

Death is a natural part of life, however sometimes it comes to us too soon. It’s places like Mountbatten that are able to make it comfortable and peaceful, not only for their patients but for the family as well."

The expert and compassionate provided to families like Rosie’s is made possible by our community’s support, including your donations, fundraising, and volunteering.

We’re very grateful to Yvette and her family for sharing their story. If you have a story about how Mountbatten has made a difference to you, help us by sharing it below.

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