Mountbatten hospice heroes: still here for you  

“We’re still here for the Island’s care homes – we won’t abandon them now,” said Linda Prendergast who, until coronavirus struck, worked in our education team teaching care home staff the skills to support people at the end of life.  

In this video, Linda explains how care home managers are welcoming Mountbatten's support

Now, some 37 years since becoming a registered nurse, Linda is back on the frontline as part of the Mountbatten at Home team: “Numbers of people with symptoms of Covid-19 have increased in some care homes, and our team is there  supporting staff and giving direct care to their patients every day. We have taken out some limited supplies of PPE that we have been able to spare; PPE is in short supply for everyone. But we will get more supplies to them if we can.” 

Care homes are being contacted every day by Linda and her colleagues; all are highly experienced and expert Mountbatten nurses who can give support and advice on both covid and non-covid patient care. The team have known many of the care home managers for several years, through Mountbatten’s training programmes  

“Every time we go out to someone’s house, or care home, we now go in pairs. That’s changed since coronavirus for a few reasons,” Linda said. “When you go into a home, if you need to fetch something from the car, you can’t keep taking off all your PPE. And, if you’re going into a covid positive environment, you need a second person just to help put on all of the PPE properly. 

“The biggest part for me is having my partner’s back. I’m watching them like a hawk to make sure they’re protected at all times, as well as those we are caring for. It’s emotionally difficult,” Linda said, adding that the psychological strain of not knowing what they’re likely to be faced with is a challenge. “We talk things through together, gather our thoughts. It’s been a steep learning curve, but it’s been a privilege to work with colleagues in this way. I feel even closer to them than I did before.” 

“It’s part of what Mountbatten is about; it’s sharing and supporting. We’ve been doing that with care homes for years  this is no different. We won’t leave them on their own now.” 

Because of your donations to our coronavirus appeal, you are helping protect vulnerable people in care homes. Your donations mean our teams can go to a house call in pairs, fully protected against the virus and giving the highest possible comfort and care to our patients and their families. Thank you.  

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