Each section of your loved one's leaf (top and bottom) will be printed with an inscription of your choosing - your message of love.  For many people, taking time to reflect on the wording brings the memories of their loved one alive as they think of the most fitting tribute.

The colours of the leaves represent dawn becoming day - the night's darkness has left us. Fresh, light-enhancing shades that are uplifting and calm, each with their special meaning. You can choose a colour that best represents your loved one, or simply because you know they would have liked it!


Soft blue for communication and community


Ochre yellow for the innovation of wonder and curiosity


 Deep Blue for commitment and courage


Dove Grey for peace and tranquillity


Soft Pink for passion and love

Where your loved one’s leaf will live on the tree is also an important part of this journey and we invite you to visit the tree and take a moment to decide where feels right. We can place the leaf on the tree for you if you prefer.