The Mountbatten Memory Tree was created by local Isle of Wight artist, Lisa Traxler, and produced by Isle of Wight company A.J.Wells -well-known for their ongoing design and production of the London underground signs.

The vision was to create a tree that was unique to both Mountbatten and to the Isle of Wight, representing our hospice values which include love, care, curiosity, community, and kindness. The shaped enamel and steel design of the tree is a contemporary take on a more traditional memory tree.

The tree is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and immortality. Similar to a family tree to which we all belong, with its interweaving roots and branches. The tree is also a part of the forest, the bigger picture. As we are all also part of the whole universe.

The space between the branches symbolises the Japanese concept of MA. MA relates to all aspects of life and is described as a pause in time. Thus, the tree holds a space for us to pause and reflect on the memories of our loved ones.

Across the tree, diamond shaped leaves bearing the names of our loved ones connect to one another, forming the shape of the infinity symbol, a representation of eternity and everlasting love.

The tree’s colour palette represents dawn becoming day; as dawn breaks across the sky it brings renewed hope with the soft blue of communication and community, a joyful yellow for the innovation of wonder and curiosity, a deep blue for commitment and courage, a soft dove grey for peace and tranquillity and a powder pink for passion and love.